"I was first curious about learning with Dominic because I noticed his own singing had the rare combination of a big, warm Italianate sound combined with beautiful phrasing and a refined and elegant technique, and I hoped I could acquire some of this! I am very pleased with the progress I have made with Dominic. My "i" vowel is becoming less squeezed and distorted. Most excitingly, my sound is becoming a lot less "bottled" and my top notes are beginning to flourish! " Matthew Nicholls

"Dominic has been my teacher on and off for the past 18 months. He is a very good technician and has the added bonus of still being able to demonstrate everything he teaches with his still world class vocal ability, though he only demonstrates if necessary so that his pupils don't try to imitate him. He is unflappable and has a lovely studio in East London which is quiet and very welcoming. Dominic has helped me work on some tension in my tongue particularly on my "i" (eeee) vowel and after three lessons I begun to see some real improvement which was tremendously heartening. I recommend him without reservation to any singer at whatever stage of their careers." Greg Tassell

"Dominic is an excellent teacher and vocal coach. He is able to convey technical points in a clear, simple and direct manner which singers find easy to understand. The results of this are audible improvement in a very short time. Technical work is always at the service of the music with the emphasis on creating beauty of sound, clear text and good musical expression." Sarah Wilkinson - Pianist/Repetiteur

"And you sang like a god! We love making music with you - you bring not only a quality sound but such a sophisticated variety of colour, dynamics and emotion. Long may our collaboration continue!" Jeremy Silver - conductor

"The Vocal Workout book is wonderful. I think one of my favourites is "The Siren"....genius! It really opens up the top for the girls who have a bit of a thing about the approach. The text is perfect for that and the perceived "silliness" of them helps them to relax and flow rather than over trying! I have a new student, she has been trained as a mezzo - WRONG!!! - so using your exercises we went up to a top Eb in her second lesson - I think she's in shock. No more Cherubino for her!!! Thanks so much, Christine Douglas"